Our Story

“Rayamanee believes and loves nature because nature gives more than just beauty.”

The Start of the Rayamanee Brand

Before begging to make the brand, Rayamanee, Thai Spa Products.
12 years ago (around 2008), Raya used to sell products that were various handmade souvenirs, aromatherapy products that are used in spa shops, hotels, homes, various home decorations. Because of my unique preferences, I like to take simple decorations and adjust them together, making them look different and stylish. Adjusting them to be used in real homes, shops, and everyday life. From this point, almost all of the customer base are foreigners. We value the importance of products that are very natural already. Many things are handmade but still preserve Thai culture. From Spa products to most importantly the attention we give to all of the loyal customers that visit us regularly every year. We appreciate them are looking at them as one of your friends or family members.

With experiences that creates happiness between Rayamanee and all customers throughout the past, combine with our suggestions on spa, health, beauty, and decorative products. We figured that these things should be in everyone’s home to make all of us which through many different tasks each day truly compensated, rested, and cared for in all dimensions, not just the look and the inside but should be taken care of in all dimensions and aspects. After a long time, it has created Thai spa products under the Rayamanee brand.

Which is a spa product that can provide happiness, beauty, uniqueness directly to customers at home in everyday life, every day in terms of external beauty derived from nature. They’re quality spa products that used the most natural ingredients we could find. We do not use any dangerous chemicals or any kinds of harmful substances. All the products have been tested and passed the check, including the tests from everyone from Rayamanee first to ensure that the products are good to our customers. We do wish our customers are happy and healthy with our products and come to us at the shop.

We are committed to continue developing and bring happiness and good things to our customers. We have chosen our partner, GMP factory, which has a direct experience in spa products. Rayamanee’s products can be said to be produced from knowledge, quality, care, and genuine preferences for our customers and family members.

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