Thai herbal steaming robe set


A new dimension of health care
Easy to find a place to hand the tent all over the house.
…The easiest and most convenient with a long robe
Herbal steaming robe🌿
…Herbal steaming at home will not be impossible anymore.

Meet the lifestyle of the new generation who are now staying at home or in their apartment without going outside every day.
#No time to exercise or sweats.

The body that does not excrete waste like sweats might build up the tension in the body and decrease the blood flow in the body
#Creating dry skin that looks unbright.
Simple health care that can be done at home.
This is very necessary for good health both inside and outside the body.✨

Health care by “herbal steaming”
Is therefore an alternative for those who do not have time to exercise or sweat the waste out.
“Herbal Steaming Robe Set” is suitable for everyone who cares about their health and wants something convenient and easy to use.
There are no complicated steps because our robes were designed to ve very easy to put on.

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